Start-up, Business formats, registrations.

Start-up, Business formats, registrations.

We assist in the registration of new Proprietorships, Partnerships, Companies (private, public, non-profit), Societies, Trusts, Self-help groups, etc. We help you in identifying which type of format of registrations suits your need at the best. We offer services at nominal fees which are easy on the pockets of the entrepreneur.

Company (Pvt Ltd or Private Limited)

At least two shareholders who shall also be the first Directors are required to form a Private Limited company. All Directors have to apply for a DIN and shall also possess a PAN Card. Proof of Address of the office is required along with KYC of all the directors. The appoint of an Auditor shall be done within one month of incorporation and shall be intimated to the RoC through appropriate forms. Annual compliance filings with RoC is a must and non-compliance attracts huge fines. Filing of IT returns is also a must. Please talk to us for more details and a quote to register a company.


For registering a Partnership, at least two partners are required. Pan card is not a must at the time of registration but it is required to apply for a GST registration. No annual filings with Registrar. Registration finished in two days normally.

LLP or Limited Liability Partnership

LLPs were introduced in India in 2008 and registration of LLPs started in 2009. Law firms and Audit firms could be registered as LLPs as there is no upper limit to the number of partners and foreign partners are allowed too. Other forms of businesses adopting this format will have to endure with deadlines of compliance which otherwise would end up in paying huge fines which are calculated on a daily basis.